Dilwale Reviews

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  • 50 Koi Moi | Surabhi Redkar

    For those who love to sit back and enjoy movies, this one could entertain you. I couldn’t thoroughly enjoy the film because of its highly predictable storyline. Although for all Rohit Shetty fans, this is another out and out commercial film that they would enjoy.

  • 80 Bollywood Hungama | Taran Adarsh

    Dilwale is akin to a mouthwatering meal that satiates the craving of those who relish masalathons, besides being an absolute treat for SRK-Kajol fans. An unadulterated crowd-pleaser, DILWALE delivers what you expect from a Rohit Shetty film: King-sized entertainment. Go for it!

  • 60 The Times of India | Meena Iyer

    Rohit Shetty's films are big-ticket adventures; a genre unto themselves. Low on content — plot lines borrowed (in this case Hum and Kasme Vaade), incohesive screenplay and lowbrow dialogues (Sajid-Farhad) — the film leans heavily on Shah Rukh's mega-stardom, Varun's effervescence, breathtaking locales (Iceland and Bulgaria), orchestrated car chases and over-the-top situations, which have you chuckling.

  • 50 NDTV | Saibal Chatterjee

    To put it simply, Dilwale is a bizarre love story. SRK has done his share of bizarre love stories in his time, but this one just doesn’t get off the ground despite the superstar’s best efforts. There is more hate and distrust in Dilwale than love. No amount of good-natured clowning and old school romance can save it from sinking into a deep pit a patchiness. Watch it for Kajol and, to a lesser extent, for SRK.

  • 20 Indian Express | Shubhra Gupta

    When old hands Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol look into each other’s eyes, they can still make you feel it, except it doesn’t happen enough. Not by a long shot. Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol film on the whole, is a plotless drag : the slaphappy antics you see on screen are a random jumble of light, camera, action, done in the broadest sense.

  • 20 Rediff | Raja Sen

    We expect insignificant froth from the director, but this particular can of Rohit Shetty has been lying open too long. The contents are not merely un-fizzy but, unforgivably, flat. Dilwale, which, in its convoluted, sloppy fashion, tries to pay homage to Mukul Anand's Hum -- a highly compelling action melodrama -- was always going to be an uphill climb. What we end up with barely gets off the ground. Ho-Hum.

  • 40 CNN-IBN | Rajeev Masand

    The real problem with Dilwale is the sheer artificiality of the enterprise. From the rainbow-hued sets and the touched-up landscapes in the Gerua song, to many moments of comedic and emotional payoff, so much of it just feels fake. Doesn’t help either that the film clocks in at a butt-numbing 155 minutes. I got up to leave at three different points that I imagined were the climax, only to discover that there was still more to come. Never a good sign when you’re looking at your watch instead of the screen.

  • 30 Hindustan Times | Rohit Vats

    Dilwale has a highly predictable storyline. In fact, it relies solely on the star power of SRK and some chuckle-worthy PJs. Kajol looks stunning and the celebrated couple gives us some sparkling moments but the lack of a concrete conflict line and too much effort on presenting Dilwale as a throwback to the ’90s Raj-Simran’s love saga make it painful for the viewers after a while.