Ghayal Once Again Reviews

Ghayal Once Again poster
  • 30 Hindustan Times | Rohan Naahar

    Ghayal Once Again looks every inch like a film that has arrived at least 25 years too late even though it does reflect the undeniable fact that corruption is still a way of life in this country. It is amply clear from the very outset that the quaintly antiquated Ghayal Once Again is unlikely to achieve its avowed goal - help Sunny Deol's dhaai kilo ka haath regain its lost box-office potency.

  • 30 Indian Express | Shubhra Gupta

    Sunny Deol picks up the baton, and tries running with it. But he doesn’t go too far. Because the plot is a tired, tiresome cobbling together of bits and pieces of films we’ve seen before: the villains are familiar. Till the film keeps moving briskly—the chase scenes are effective, if stretched—you stay with it. And then the ludicrous plot with all those hanging threads kicks in, and prevents us from getting what we’ve come to this film for : to see Sunny D. do his thing the way only he can.

  • 40 Koi Moi | Surabhi Redkar

    Ghayal sequel takes off from exactly where it let off. The flashbacks work well for connectivity. Action sequences are the soul of this film. Ajay Mehra is not as powerful as he was back then. His character lacks the aggression. It seems like the villain is a hero in this film. A tighter script would have worked well. If you are a big fan of Ghayal then let me warn you this is no where close to it. Unless you have nothing to do this weekend, watching Ghayal Once Again could be an option.

  • 60 The Times of India | Renuka Vyavahare

    Though not as emotionally engaging as the original, the sequel delivers what it promises on the action front. However, a few things do bother. Flashback scenes look juvenile and the father daughter scenes, soppy. Despite the flaws, Sunny's idealistic film exudes the sincerity and unbreakable spirit of a common man. If you mess with us, "We will find you and we will punch you." Watch it.

  • 30 Hindustan Times | Rohit Vats

    Ghayal Once Again is a film that actually has potential but wanes out. Modelled on the Jason Bourne series, there is the thrill quotient in the action – two long chase sequences are worth watching. A lot of screaming and torture happens too, but we’re hooked somehow. And that’s the only good part.

  • 40 CNN-IBN | Rajeev Masand

    Ghayal Returns isn't unwatchable – far from it. But it’s old-fashioned and evokes a distinct sense of déjà vu. The ensuing drama is predictable stuff, but it’s powered by thrilling action scenes that genuinely get your pulse racing. Melodrama reaches fever pitch, particularly in the final act, when a corny twist is revealed.

  • 40 Rediff | Sukanya Verma

    Direction isn’t his natural vocation as evident in the middling Ghayal Once Again, which starts out wobbly but gains substantial momentum till interval point only to go completely haywire in its latter half. Loosely reminiscent of True Lies, the climatic action is a dampener. Overdone in tacky CGI, its intended heft is lost in wishy-washy virtue and unconvincing sentimentality. There’s only one solid reason to watch this reboot -- Sunny Deol.