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  • 70 123 Telugu | 123 Telugu

    On the whole, Jawaan is the story of a man who fights for his nation. Though the storyline of the film is good, it is the half-baked execution which leaves a lot to be desired. Things are left to Sai Dharam Tej’s brilliant performance and he single-handedly rallies the film till the end. There are no entertaining elements which will get you kicked but at the same time, the film offers some decent thrills here and ends up as a passable watch this weekend.

  • 65 Telugu Mirchi | Telugu Mirchi

    Jawan is a story of a mind game between the hero and villain and both are centered around a nation .The director Ravi has successfully visualized and picturised the sequences of the designs of the patriotic youth and the mafia leader out to destroy the nation . Only the director has not paid full attention to the comedy . To out the story in simple terms, Teja has stood out as an icon for family and the nation and Prasanna has stylishly stood for values of money greater than Nation . Thaman music and Guhan cinematography has been up to the mark.The glamour of heroine is youth provoking. Director who had disappointed audience with WANTED hopes to set right his image with JAWAN .The film is also expected to give a big push to Teja who has seen several flops in last few films . Over all JAWAN is a film which a Must Look for every Indian .

  • 55 India Glitz | India Glitz

    The second half is engaging but for the climax. There are many loose ends. A crucial national security issue has been treated as a mega joke. Had the cinematic liberties been contained, the embarrassing flaws could have been avoided.

  • 60 Tollywood.Net | Tollywood.net

    Jawaan has all the elements for a commercial genre and also has emotional scenes that will touch the audiences. The director tried to arise the patriotism in masses adding commercial elements to his narration The interval twist in the tale is mind blowing and the audiences can’t wait for the second half to begin. The mind game between the hero and villain is interesting and is added to a good dose of action blocks. The climax disappointed the audiences.