Katti Batti Reviews

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  • 40 Bollywood Hungama | Taran Adarsh

    KATTI BATTI suffers from a poor screenplay, which tests your patience throughout the film, right from the word go. For a romantic film, the audience has to connect with the lead characters to feel for them. However, in the case of KATTI BATTI that connect never happens. On the whole, due to its weak script and non-engaging narrative, KATTI BATTI will face 'katti' from the audience at the box-office.

  • 10 Indian Express | Shubhra Gupta

    Imran Khan is pleasant and earnest, but saddled with the silliest of situations. Kangana Ranaut has knocked it out of the park a couple of times while playing feisty, and is capable of mining real emotions even in the fakest of films. So it’s no surprise that the couple of bearable moments are hers. But does the rest of it have to be so bubbly-‘thodi-si-paagal-ladki’ clichéd?

  • 20 First Post | Gayatri Gauri

    And while you’re at it, pray sincerely to Ganpati bappa that you don’t grab a bottle of phenyl yourself if you end up watching Katti Batti. Better still, giftwrap it and send it to Bollywood filmmakers who believe romance and young love is all about feeding a turtle.

  • 20 Hindustan Times | Mihir Fadnavis

    Romantic comedies in Bollywood are still stuck in the ’90s. And the Imran Khan-Kangana Ranaut-starrer Katti Batti is no exception. Overall, the film feels like someone watched a few Woody Allen and Michel Gondry movies and decided to ‘apply their styles’.

  • 40 CNN-IBN | Rajeev Masand

    'Katti Batti' has some nice tracks, slick production design, and stray moments of wit. But its merits are far outweighed by its numerous contrivances, and by its hollow writing that only appears modern on paper. The film’s inventive 4-minute opening scene shot on a handicam offers promise, but little that follows lives up to it.

  • 40 Koi Moi | Surabhi Redkar

    Kangana Ranaut & Imran Khan’s chemistry in the breezy romantic film works fine and somehow that’s the only good thing. The plot is extremely poor and done-to-death. Katti Batti is a stale, boring and insensible film that seems like a mockery at love and relationships, thanks to its crassness. In keeping with the efforts put by Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut who are the only good things in this film.

  • 60 The Times of India | Srijana Mitra Das

    Katti Batti is sweet, funny, sassy - but inconsistent. Somewhere between glossy ad, glassy music video, sitcom and masala movie, Katti Batti leaves you pouting. This could've had the lusty, gutsy power of a full-blown French kiss - it ends up a pleasant but passing peck on the cheek.