Khakee Reviews

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  • 70 The Times of India | Renuka Vyavahare

    If you're looking for an out-and-out cop thriller, go watch this one. You will not regret it !

  • 70 123 Telugu | 123 Telugu

    On the whole, Khakee is a riveting cop drama which has many edge of the seat moments. Very rarely do you see such thrillers which are showcased without diverting from the main point. Karthi’s tough cop act, racy action elements and gripping narration are major assets to the movie. As the film is genre specific, it does not have any commercial elements whatsoever. So, all those who like action films and are looking forward to watch a realistic action thriller, Khakee is one film you should not miss this weekend. Go for it.

  • 70 Telugu Mirchi | Telugu Mirchi

    Khakee has hit the screens as yet another crime thriller and given a kick to action lovers in spite of being a routine and without twists .The first half runs on how the director makes the criminals elusive and escape even after tracked and hunted by police .The interval episode of stands out as a high point of the movie.The second half just keeps the audience and the scenes running up to the climax.

  • 75 India Glitz | India Glitz

    A credible cop drama that refuses to be an escapist fare. The slice-of-life investigation scenes are stirring. Every fan of true-blue crime-thrillers will want to watch it.