Mental Madhilo Reviews

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  • 70 The Times of India | Renuka Vyavahare

    Watch this film if you're looking for something extremely laidback, beautiful and uncomplicated this weekend, you won't regret it!

  • 70 123 Telugu | 123 Telugu

    On the whole, Mental Madhilo is a very breezy rom-com which has its heart in the right place. The lovable romance, performances by the lead pair and light-hearted family emotions will surely connect with the audience. Even though the film has a predictable and simple storyline, Sree Vishnu’s role makes sure that one gets entertained till the end. The film is clearly not for the masses and will do quite well in the multiplexes making it a very good watch this weekend. Watch it without any confusion.

  • 65 Telugu Mirchi | Telugu Mirchi

    Director Vivek Atreya has woven a beautiful theme of old story around the character of Hero and given impetus to film in first half.Had he taken stumbled in the second half the film would have risen above expectations and hit charts like Pelli Chupulu. Overall the film Mental Madilo,may not be a mass movie,but is made for liking of the class audience.

  • 60 India Glitz | India Glitz

    Riveting characters and an engaging narration by and large. Not that the film is consistently gripping throughout. If you are looking for a breezy new-age romance, watch it.