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  • 80 Bollywood Hungama | Bollywood Hungama News Network

    NEERJA is a must watch ode to the youngest recipient of the highest civilian honour Ashok Chakra for displaying extraordinary courage and human kindness. It is a film that will make you stand up for what's genuinely Right without bothering about nationality, religion, sex, cast or colour of the skin. Most importantly as a movie watching experience, you'll be glued to the movie screen with tears and admiration welling up in your eyes. NEERJA is a movie that will make you a better person. Don't miss it!

  • 60 Indian Express | Shubhra Gupta

    Minus the songs and the excessive schmaltz, ‘Neerja’ could have been outstanding. But still, the film holds, and hold us with it. Both Shabana Azmi and Tikku, as the parents hoping for the best and dreading the worst for their ‘Laado’ (Neerja’s ‘pet name’), are excellent. They need to be remembered.

  • 80 NDTV | Saibal Chatterjee

    Neerja needs to be applauded for avoiding the garish and gratuitous bells and whistles of commercial Hindi cinema. It plunges headlong into the life of a bubbly 1980s girl who flies in and out of the country for a living while successfully pursuing a thriving modelling career. Sonam is of course the lynchpin. Even when pushed well out of her comfort zone, she is completely convincing and real as the bubbly youngster with nerves of steel. Shabana Azmi informs her role with subtle nuances that add startling layers to the characterization.

  • 80 The Times of India | Meena Iyer

    Sonam's Neerja quietly seals a place in your heart. There are no theatrics; she's dignified, strong and real. Shabana as the bereaved mother makes her grief yours, her daughter's glory also yours. Yogendra Tiku lends able support and Khalil(theatre actor, Jim Sarbh) as the maniacal terrorist is terrific. This one raises a toast to the daunting spirit of India's daughters; every one of us must salute Neerja.

  • 80 Hindustan Times | Rohit Vats

    Neerja is a milestone in Sonam Kapoor’s career. Not just because it’s a good film, but because she carries it entirely on her shoulder. Such films where the filmmakers need to work in the same time and space zone are difficult to execute, but you’ll be surprised at the finesse with which Madhvani has shown most sides of Neerja’s personality. Neerja shows Madhvani’s meticulous planning as a director, even though it tilts in favour of some melodrama. The film arrives straight to the point and starts building a tension that remains with the audience till the end.

  • 80 Rediff | Raja Sen

    Movies about hijacks are usually resolved by force -- either mental, by a gifted negotiator, or, as is most often the case, physical, by a superhuman leading man yippee-ki-yaying his way through all odds -- but Neerja's story, one worth celebrating, is a triumph of conviction and of spirit. Sonam Kapoor is exceptional as Neerja Bhanot. Many salutations, Neerja Bhanot, and may your story live on.