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  • 60 Tollywood.Net | Tollywood.net

    Jyothi Krishna came with a routine, predictable, outdated story and tries to score a hit at the box office elevating the heroism of Gopichand in a powerful mass role with few twists. Though the director became successful to attract the audiences with Interval bang and tried to send the social message that Smoking is injurious to health. Plus points of the film is presence of Gopichand. There is nothing special that can grab the attention of audiences at the theaters. The film unit failed to turn it into an awesome entertaining product. Screenplay and narration are the biggest drawbacks. Of course, there are few good moments which keep the viewers engaged but the director failed to maintain the same standards throughout the movie. Oxygen is just another movie in Gopichand’s career and disappointment for debutante director.

  • 50 India Glitz | India Glitz

    A formulaic story that delivers a huge twist at interval. Predictability in the post-interval phase and the bombardment of the clichés could have been avoided.

  • 60 Telugu Mirchi | Telugu Mirchi

    While the first half is slow and routine, the thrill begins in the second half .What was goal of Krishna Prasad .Why he came to Rajahmundry was successful conveyed by the director in the second half and the interval twist .We should have some more of such entertainment films It appears that the heroines had only role case for dance and songs .Comedy, Fights and over all the Oxygen is another commercial for masses .

  • 60 123 Telugu | 123 Telugu

    On the whole, Oxygen is a film which has a good concept but is sidetracked by some very mediocre direction. The film is painfully long and this can test your patience at times. If you are able to sit for over 2 and half hours and adjust with the uneven narration, then some interesting twists, interval bang, and a few action elements enable you to give this film a shot this weekend.

  • 40 The Times of India | Srijana Mitra Das

    All said and done, 'Oxygen' is a film with a story and cast that had a lot of potential, if only it was made differently. Steer clear of this one, unless you have some time to kill!