Raaz: Reboot Reviews

Raaz: Reboot poster
  • 30 Koi Moi | Surabhi Redkar

    Raaz Reboot quite literally is a deja vu of most horror films from Bollywood. It may be named as a Reboot but there is nothing different in it. Watch it only if you are a fan of Bollywood horror films! Raaz Reboot is a classic fail at coming even little close to scaring you. I need to reboot my memory to have watched this!

  • 20 Hindustan Times | Rohit Vats

    Soulful music will soothe your ears and Emraan Hashmi is also there. Some initial scenes of arguments between Rehaan and Shaina are well written, but that’s about it. Raaz Reboot is a tough watch for close to 140 minutes. Great songs, but not enough to pull it out of the spirit’s grip.

  • 30 Rediff | Namrata Thakker

    Unless you love watching horror movies that make you laugh, stay away from this one. Raaz Reboot, starring newbie Kriti Kharbanda, Gaurav Arora and Emraan Hashmi, is not only predictable but hardly spooky. From creaky doors and windows opening themselves to blood flowing out of objects and finding someone under a bed, Vikram Bhatt has used all the done-to-death scare tricks in this one. In a nutshell, Raaz Reboot has the same old stuff that we have seen a zillions times. So unless you love watching horror films that make you laugh, stay away from this one!

  • 50 The Times of India | Renuka Vyavahare

    Since it's the fourth instalment of the Raaz franchise, it's obvious that the story is in the same vein as the first starring Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea. But this one has zero scares and newbies who make Bipasha and Dino look like 'actors'. This overstretched drama is way too cliched and soppy to hold your interest but it does amuse you in its own unique ways. Of course, a brooding Emraan and the beautiful melancholic song that follows him, manage to entertain you for a while.

  • 70 Bollywood Hungama | Bollywood Hungama News Network

    RAAZ REBOOT offers an unconventional horror story that will leave you haunted and scared. If you are an enthusiast of supernatural thriller/horror movies, get ready to be shocked and surprised with this one.

  • 20 Deccan Chronicle | Arnab Banerjee

    Vikram Bhatt’s final instalment of the Raaz series — Raaz Reboot — attempts to cross genres — romance, part horror, relationship drama, and some beyond the range of mysterious supernatural occult. But this oddball film’s mash-up comes at the price of a 128-minute torture that turns into “aatma” “raaz”, “mangal sutra” mumbo jumbo.

  • 30 Indian Express | Shubhra Gupta

    Move over garlic buds and religious symbols, this Emraan Hashmi film can drive out the evil spirits – and paying audience -- with the power of mangalsutra. You want to look out for skulking fellows in black robes, empty eyes, and bloody fangs. Instantly, you are all prepared to shiver and shudder. Instead, you shake with laughter that is entirely unintended.

  • 10 CNN-IBN | Sameeksha

    Raaz Reboot has nothing new to offer, even the old offerings have been executed badly. The entire setup in Romania, Dracula's own country, could've been exploited more but the makers didn't even cash in the scenic beauty of the place. The music is the only average thing in this poorly made film. The lazy installment of Raaz franchise does not deserve your time.