X: Past Is Present Reviews

X: Past Is Present poster
  • 60 Hindustan Times | Sweta Kaushal

    The film is a take on the art of storytelling and filmmaking and how perspectives define the way we see things, and our assumption of them about being good or bad. The ending of the movie is yet another mark of brilliance. No huge fanfare, but a subtle homecoming for K.

  • 40 The Times of India | Mohar Basu

    This ambitious venture has 11 intertwined stories running in the same narrative about a filmmaker K and his many muses. A film is an amorphous mass and on that count this one doesn't deliver. Its scattered screenplay makes the subplots feel disjointed. The protagonist K is caricaturish - a restless artist stuck in a creative limbo, narrating his escapades (romantic liaisons and sexcapades).

  • 60 NDTV | Saibal Chatterjee

    An intriguing jigsaw puzzle of a film, X: Past Is Present is an experiment that swings from the trippy to the torpid – and back, mercifully – in a matter of minutes. But for a cinematic pastiche that represents as audacious a leap into the unknown as this, a few quibbles here and there are no big deal. It is a marvel that X: Past Is Present, as a whole, lands firmly on its feet and keeps its balance.

  • 20 Indian Express | Shubhra Gupta

    There’s promise in the premise. Each part, filmed by a different eye and sensibility, should have created an intriguing jigsaw. But the execution fails the ambition of this film : ‘X’ plays out as a disjointed stutter, rather than a seamless progression, its backing-and-forthing more choppy and confusing than anything else.