Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie ‘Raees’ is all set to clash with Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Kaabil’.

Few days before the release of ‘Raees’ trailer as well the revelation of its release date, Rakesh Roshan had announced that he had decided to prepone the release of ‘Kaabil’ by a day just to avoid clashing with ‘Raees’.

Just a day after that announcement makers of ‘Raees’ released the trailer of the movie and revealed that their movie too would release on January 25th and not 26th as thought earlier.

This hasn’t gone down well with Rakesh Roshan but Shah Rukh Khan says that the release date for the movie was planned long before ‘Kaabil’ release date announcement.

"We had actually decided about the release date long back. First both the films ('Raaes' and 'Kaabil') were going to release on January 26, so we had decided with our exhibitors and distributors about coming out on January 25," Shah Rukh told reporters.

"I guess 'Kaabil' is coming out in the evening shows of January 25 and we would be coming on the regular shows on the same day. There is nothing like we decided later... it is a wise decision to take note that January 26 is a holiday. We thought it would be better to let people know about the release date through our trailer," he added.

The actor feels that the clashes affect the outcome of the movies as in India there is still a dearth of theatres.

"I may be wrong with numbers. I have heard that in England there is one theatre for ten thousand people and in America there are ten theatres for one thousand people. India has a shortage of theatres. There should be more theatres in small towns and cities,” he said.

"In China, the films do three to five times more than our business and that is because of the number of theatres. We are trying to have a new chain and more theatres. In America and London, you don't hear of clash as there are more theatres," he concluded.

'Raees' stars Shah Rukh as bootlegger, Nawazuddin Siddiqui as a cop while Mahira Khan plays SRK's love interest.