Both Raveena Tandon’s upcoming movie ‘Maatr' and Sridevi's forthcoming project 'Mom' are stories related to mothers. But Raveena Tandon says that both the movies are different.

“There is no comparison. I feel a message like this should be given at least six months a year to wake up people," says Raveena.

The actress said that she has immense respect for Sridevi.

She is a senior, I respect her a lot and I've alway been the biggest fan of hers. I am proud that, whether it's 'Pink', 'Mom' or 'Maatr', our industry is making these films today. I hope such films are made more,” she says.

The movie has been termed as Raveena’s comeback movie but the actress finds the term strange.

"I find that a very strange term. Nobody uses it internationally. Everyone becomes selective after a while. I worked in the '90s where we used to do 30 films at a time. But the whole trend has changed. As an actor I've reached a point where I'll do a film which I believe in," she says.

"I did a couple of films in the middle which went to festivals, I completed Onir's 'Shabh'. I don't see myself going anywhere. I've been working on TV all along. After I have done Matra and Shabh, I don't know when I'll do a film again. How many times will I make a come back," Raveena adds.

The 42-year-old actress says the film throws light on the issue of rape in the society.

"The mindset needs to change. Often we see comments like 'why did she wear a jeans, skirt, or why was she out so late', they are shaming the victim more. Rather than saying they are our sisters, daughters, and we apologise as political leaders that we failed to protect them..."

The film is scheduled to release on April 21.