Both Hansal Mehta and Kangana Ranaut are known for their immensely impressive body of work. And when they both come together for a movie, expectations from that movie are bound to high. And from the trailer of their upcoming movie ‘Simran’ it looks like they might deliver on their promise.

Actress Kangana Ranaut’s simplicity in her performance as Praful is the most endearing part of the trailer. Praful is a divorcee and wants to make it all on her own. The trailer opens with Praful describing her view of independence, where she says, "Ise imaarte rok nahi sakti, raaste baandh nahi sakte. Ye hawaa azaad hai." 

Praful is strong, wacky and affable. But she isn’t flawless. Her biggest "character flaw" of gambling and theft looks like what lands in her trouble.

Hansal Mehta’s directing and writer-editor Apurva Asrani storytelling is simple and pleasant. It’s a shame that the duo won’t be collaborating any further.

Produced by Gulshan Kumar, the film is slated for a September 15 release.