Actress Kangana Ranaut has established herself as one of the best actors in Bollywood currently. But her recent movies have failed to create magic on big-screen, especially her last movie ‘Rangoon’ from which the expectations were very high.

But Kangana Ranaut has now moved on from the heart break.

“I have learned a lot from the failure of Rangoon. I was disturbed since I had expectations from the film but on the other hand I got a reality check too. I thought if I keep expecting from myself like this, it will become a vicious circle. But now I feel free and liberated. I have build a beautiful house in Manali. Who knows my films will work or not ahead but it is like an added bonus to my career. I will be always remembered as one of the leading faces of the Indian cinema. After this nothing matters. Rangoon’s failure was like my biggest fear come true. I feel nothing worst can happen than this. Nothing can bring me down when you are so down already,” said Kangana Ranaut.

The actress is now looking forward to her upcoming movie ‘Simran’. From the trailers it seems like the actress is all set to play a free spirited woman in the movie.

“So far the roles for women are shown filled with pain and loneliness. For the first time ever, Hansal sir has treated a woman like a human. There is a lot more than love in her life. She also wants to drive a fancy car and eat nice like a man. She has full right to have desires like a man. I am a huge fan of Hansal sir’s work. Though it is a real portrayal but I wanted to add some comic element in it. We added a lot dialogues on the sets too,” said the actress.

The actress said that she is making a conscious decision to accept only meaty roles.

“Of course it is my conscious decision. If I am investing my time and hard work in a film, my fans also have expectations from me. In fact, whenever I have done films with established stars, they surprisingly didn’t work at the BO, be it Katti Batti or Rangoon. I don’t regret leaving Sultan even for that matter. When a film comes to you, you know if they will do business unlike they are Queen which became a sleeper hit. It’s such a beautiful phase of my life. Life isn’t a bed of roses,” she concluded. 

Directed by Hansal Mehta, the movie will release on 15th September.