Abhishek Bachchan was last seen in Housefull 3 in 2016. After a gap of 2 years, the actor will be making a comeback with Anurag Kashyap's ‘Manmarziyaan’. 

In an interview with Bombay Times, he opened up what kept him away from the big screen, the changing definition of romance and much more. 

“This gap was actually planned. I wanted to take a sabbatical because I needed to stop doing what I was doing. I wanted to revaluate what I was doing and how I was doing it. It took me two years to put a plan in place and make it work. It took me that much time to resume being an actor. I was thinking over this for long. I felt complacent and it took me a while to re-energise and reassess and get back,” said Abhishek Bachchan.

The actor admitted that taking a break can backfire too if it’s not calculated.

“I calculated the risk I was going to run and I was convinced that it was one worth taking. I was also sure that I would make it work for me. You have to be able to do your work better. I wanted to change the way I worked. I wanted to be more focussed and create a new set of goals. You know something? I never had a plan in my career. I was just happy acting and doing the best of what came my way. I realised that if it’s a career, it needs to be planned. When I set out to do that, two years ago, I wanted to challenge myself and feel uncomfortable about roles. I just had to ignite that fire again. There’s no shame in asking questions to yourself and if answers don’t satisfy you, kick into a different mode and do things differently,” he said.

He was also asked that his father has been a part of the industry for decades now and his journey is a dream for many Bollywood actors. Has he ever taken an inspiration from Big B on how to reinvent himself?

“No, I didn’t. My career and its path is nothing like my father’s and it never will be. Don’t even think about it. For once, I thought selfishly and decided to do things my way. It’s not like ‘if someone could do this, so can I’. It was about how I wanted things. Your circumstances are completely different from anyone else’s. I was very sure that Manmarziyaan was the right decision for me in that direction. The validation was what I felt when I stepped on to the set and the response to the trailer,” he said.

Manmarziyaan is a quirky love story. Does Abhishek think there are changing trends on how love stories are being shown nowadays?

That’s because your audience and the generation has changed so much. Today’s generation is far more all-encompassing and non-judgemental, and I am not saying that in a good way or bad way. Even the idea of romance has changed. During my parents’ time, when they were courting, their parents probably would have said that ‘If you are going to bring a girl home, you better commit to marriage’. During my time, it wasn’t like, ‘Oh you’re marrying her’. It was okay; parents could come to terms with their children having a girlfriend or boyfriend. The current generation of youngsters is borderline frivolous about relationships. It’s normal and acceptable to have a girlfriend or boyfriend, it’s no biggie. No one is going to put you under pressure to marry the one you’re dating. I don’t know if marriage is an institution anymore that the millennials think is worthwhile. God knows, down the line it may not even exist. I have always believed art is a reflection of real life. That’s the way movies are also moving forward– romance has changed since the 1950s. It’s the genius of Aanand L Rai to get Anurag to direct a love story because he can give it a contemporary twist and make it palatable for the current generation. At some level, today’s youth will connect with the characters,” he concluded.

Directed by Anurag Kashyap, the movie also stars Vicky Kaushal and Taapsee Pannu. 

‘Manmarziyaan’ is slated to release on September 14, 2018.