On Wednesday, Cine and TV Artists Association (CINTAA) said that it will be setting up committees to tackle sexual harassment in the industry. The committee will include actors Raveena Tandon, Swara Bhaskar and Renuka Shahane.

Sushant Singh, general secretary, CINTAA said the organisation is collaborating with several people to eliminate the issue.

The committee also includes filmmaker Amol Gupte, journalist Bharti Dubey, PoSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassement) lawyers and psychologists will also be part of the committee.

"Swara Bhasker approached us, she is a member. She was working on this issue independently, very methodically. When we met her we realised we were on the same page. We are planning to set up a sub-committee which will focus on sexual harassment awareness,” Singh said.

"It includes Swara and lawyer Vrinda Grover who will take a session for the industry. PoSH will also pitch in and counselling sessions, awareness workshops and symposiums will be held," he added.

The actor said the organisation aims to make the committee so robust that the industry refuses to work with proven offenders.

"We need to define punishment for what one has done. As a trade union, we can only expel such people from associations. But as an industry, we need to think,” he said.

"The committee should be so strong that if someone is held guilty, proven wrong or is a repeat offender, no one should employ them. We will be coordinating with producers, because they are the employers. We need to create such an atmosphere," he added.

Singh said the #MeToo movement has shocked people and changed outlooks about the way things function on ground.