The #MeToo movement has been gaining support from every actress in Bollywood. The latest actress to lend her support to the cause is Jacqueline Fernandez.

“It's very important to remember that the gender dialogue is a conversation that's a long overdue and let's not limit it to our film industry. It's a dialogue which has been long overdue in our society as well. Unfortunately, the sad truth is sexual predators are all around us.” 

She further added, “They are sometimes in our own household so, we should not deviate from the actual issue which is not entirely about sex but it's about the power struggle. We really have to stick to the issue and be serious about it if we want solutions and if we want to have safe workplace for everyone and for society,” she said.

The actress mentioned that the problem of sexual harassment wasn’t just limited to Bollywood and was a general issue of the society. She also expressed that if solutions had to be figured out then everyone must take this problem seriously. 

After Tanushree Dutta first took the bold step to speak out against Nana Patekar and his harassment, many other women have followed and accused many big names of Bollywood including Alok Nath, Sajid Khan, Rajat Kapoor, Kailash Kher, Anu Malik and more. 

Let’s hope that the movement brings about a change and makes work space secure for women in the society.