Trolling on social media is a harrowing experience. In this age where social media has become an integral part of everyday life, trolling has become a common phenomenon. Any and everybody seem to have an opinion on the silliest issues.

That is exactly what happened to Anshula Kapoor, sister of Arjun Kapoor.

The 'Namaste England' actor has lashed out at trolls for targeting his sister Anshula over the recent episode of Koffee With Karan which featured siblings, Janhvi Kapoor and him.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote: “Something I assumed was an absolute non issue on Koffee with Karan has escalated into @anshulakapoor being abused & I can’t be bothered by protocol anymore. F**k all those trolls who wish harm to my sister. I hope ur mom or sister never have to go thru what u have put us thru...”

On the latest episode of Koffee With Karan, the host played a game with Janhvi and her brother Arjun. He said that the first person to call up a relative and get them to say, “Hey Karan, what’s up,” would win. Janhvi called up Anshula while Arjun called dad Boney. Arjun blackmailed Anshula saying that he wouldn’t return home if she said the golden words.

Anshula failed to say so and point went to Arjun, as his father did say the magic words. As ill-luck would have it, Anshula couldn’t do the needful as she couldn’t hear Janhvi well over the phone. Subsequently, trolls got after Anshula and harassed her, even sending her rape threats.

During live-athon at Facebook’s Mumbai office, Janhvi talked about how her sister got rape threats over a ‘silly’ thing they did on Koffee With Karan. “You want to protect the people in your life. Like for example my sister actually just recently got trolled on social media. She did something silly on Koffee with Karan and started getting like rape threats and stuff. And it was just weird to me. As people are faceless on social media, they feel they can have opinions that sometimes cross a moral line. So when I put stuff that’s personal up on social media, I do think of that too. I feel protective towards them... what people might say about them or about my equation with them. You tend to be guarded,” she said.

On Instagram when Janhvi posted a picture of her and Anshula, a troll posted ‘She didn’t even help you. She didn’t say “hey karan its me”. To this, the Dhadak star replied, “she couldn’t hear me and asked me after the show got over what that phone call was about…..”

Recently talking about trolling Priyanka Chopra too had said that she often gets compared to her dog.

Celebrity trolling off late seems to have taken an ugly turn.