Director Rohit Shetty is back with yet another cop action masala movie. The director, who brought forth the story of Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgn) in ‘Singham’, now tells a tale of yet another cop in the same universe named Sangram Bhalerao (Ranveer Singh) in ‘Simmba’.

While Bajirao Singham was an honest cop who fought for justice, Sangram Bhalerao is a dirty cop driven by greed.

The trailer starts with Ajay’s voice over as he introduces us to young Sangram, who dreams of being a cop one day. His goal is not to mete-out justice but to become rich. As the trailer progresses, Bhalerao shamelessly admits that he became a police officer to earn loads of money and not because he wanted to help the needy like Robin Hood. He takes bribe from the local goon (Sonu Sood) and also serenades his lady love (Sara Ali Khan). And then something occurs that changes Bhalerao. Bhalerao’s mooh-boli-behen gets raped and the tragedy turns Sangram into an enraged-but-responsible police officer. The rest of the trailer goes on to give us glimpses of how and what Sangram does to punish the rapists.

The story might seem like the run-in-the-mill story of a rogue cop with a heart of gold. But Ranveer Singh embodies the role of the cop with great vigour. You cheer him on as his moral consciousness awakens and he becomes a crusader for women's safety and rights. The fact that ‘Simmba’ deals with the subject of rape and the capital punishment is commendable.

From the trailer it looks like the movie is laced with Rohit’s Shetty usual elements. Be it the vibrant colour palatte, larger-than-life dialogues and songs, the romance or the jaw dropping action sequences. The trailer ends in true Rohit Shetty style: flying Scorpios, dust storms and several unrestrained punches.

‘Simmba’ is based on the Telugu film Temper, which starred Jr NTR.

Ranveer Singh had earlier termed Simmba a complete entertainer and his biggest film. In an interview with Hindustan Times, he said, “It has been a mind, soul enhancing experience. Rohit sir is the king of the genre. I am growing as an artiste. It is not easy to be performing, acting in mainstream films as there is comedy, drama, action, etc. It is my biggest film and I am very excited about it. It is going to be a full on family entertainer and I want to be part of films like this in future.”

The movie also stars Sara Ali Khan.

‘Simmba’ will release on December 28.