The first trailer of Zoya Akhtar’s highly anticipated movie ‘Gully Boy’ is finally out. The movie stars Ranveer Singh as a rapper and Alia Bhatt as a medical student.

The movie traces rise of Mumbai-based rappers Divine and  Naved Shaikh aka Naezy from the gullies to becoming the 'voice of the streets'.

The trailer opens with a group of rappers rapping in a cypher. Singh is a part of the ring too and is challenged by one of the veterans. However, he is too nervous  and doesn’t have it in to rap yet. The trailer then takes you into the gullys of the slums of Mumbai city, Ranveer’s house, his abusive father and his feisty girlfriend Alia Bhatt. Ranveer later finds a mentor in a more experienced rapper, hones his skills under his guidance and complains how the young rappers only ever sing about cars, girls and superficial things.

During every crucial time of his life, Ranveer Singh is told that he his destiny is pre decided. A driver’s son will always be a driver and cannot change his destiny no matter how much he wants to. But, the Gully Boy knows, “Apna time aayega (Our time will come).”

Ranveer Singh shines in the trailer as a quiet, determined and angry rapper. Everything from his gully swag to his rapping skills are on money. But what is surprising is Alia Bhatt’s character. She plays a fiery character who has a quick temper and is quick to smack people with glass bottles. Her tongue is as quick as her temper as witnessed in the scene where being considered for an arranged marriage and when the boy’s mother asks her if she can cook, she replied that she doesn’t know cooking but she could do her liver transplant. 

The movie also stars Kalki Koechlin but details about her character aren’t yet that clear.

Produced by Rietsh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar's Excel Entertainment, Gully Boy hits theatres on 14 February.

But first the movie will premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival’s Berlinale Special category, ahead of its release on February 14.