Actress Kangana Ranaut’s recent release ‘Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi’ has tasted success. The critics as well as audience liked the movie and the movie has been doing good business at the box-office. But the controversies surrounding the movie have refused to day done. 

After the release of the movie, director Krish Jagarlamudi, who is credited as co-director along with Kangana, claimed that most of the movie was directed by him and Kangana refused to acknowledge that. 

In response, Kangana's sister Rangoli Chandel took to Twitter sharing screenshots of Kangana's chat with the director wherein she's asking him to have a look at the film before making assumptions about it. 

She wrote, "Here is the proof Kangana clearly asked u to come & see the film on 6th December, would u please explain this."

Now the filmmaker has responded back and has shared a host of screenshots of his chats with the crew of Manikarnika to prove that actor Kangana Ranaut did not indeed shoot a majority of the film. He shared testimonials from the film’s editor, assistant director and a technician who supported his claims that the film mostly uses the version which was shot by him.

“The person who saw both d versions mentioned that Ive done 85% n now the techinican who worked on ground told this,” he tweeted.

“This is from the editor who edited n later replaced.. the question is not about who shot how much., but its about proceess which everything has been done with ulterior motive n with a poor taste. Pls realise ur lies r making things worse,” he tweeted.

“These r the future film makers I came out n spoke for, so that they wont face these humiliations..” he further wrote.

The filmmaker said that he never thought he would have to defend himself.

“I never thought I’ve to defend my ability of film making based on the manipulations and lies of one person. @Rangoli_A these messages were ur sister’s words about me ehen I’ve questioned her about the credit and the damage she is doing to the movie,” Krish wrote in a tweet. 

He also said that Kangana’s messages in the WhatsApp conversation were fake. 

“I’m confidently saying that everything Kangana has written on those whats app messages when I’ve questioned her, are complete lies and pre prepared, as she has foreseen that this day will come,” he wrote in a tweet.

Krish and Kangana have been at war since she got the first credit as the director of Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. Last year, Kangana took over the film for reshoots after Krish moved on to work on his next project, the NTR biopic. What were earlier supposed to be quick reshoots, lasted for several weeks and Kangana later claimed to have reshot 70% of the film. She was credited as the co-director of the film with Krish. However, Krish has contested her claims and said that her patchwork did not warrant a director’s credit.