Akshay Kumar has spent nearly 3 decades as a leading star of Bollywood. When the actor made his debut in the 90’s he made a mark of himself as an action star. Later the actor went on to reinvent himself and starred in some comedies and action comedies. Recently, Akshay Kumar has reinvented his image again and has started to star in movies with a strong social message. 

During the promotions of his upcoming movie ‘Kesari’, Akshay Kumar spoke about how he likes playing different roles and dabbling in different genres.

“It feels great to do different characters all the time. When I started my career, that time I was doing only action films and nobody used give me roles which involved romance, comedy, tragedy or drama. One fine day, it just broke when I got Hera Pheri and then, I started doing different kinds of roles,” he said.

Asked whether it gets difficult for an actor to keep reinventing himself, he said: “It is not difficult but I would say it is fun. If I am changing my image, it is because I am enjoying it. I don’t have to prove anything to anybody. I feel you have to enjoy the work that you do.”

Akshay said that at one point in his career, he felt ashamed that he was doing similar kind of films.

“There was a time in my career when I used to feel ashamed of myself because I was doing similar kind of films which involved action. So once I got opportunity to dabble into various genres, I started enjoying my work. Since the last 12 years, I have got a chance to keep on changing my image as an actor. So, I feel it is not a tough thing for me,” he said.

When asked if ‘2019 is Akshay Kumar’s year. Move over Khans’, Akshay said, “I have never said something like that. What is move over Khans or anybody? This is an industry for everyone and everybody is there to last. I think to be in this industry and to sustain in this industry is a very big thing, so there is nothing like that. This is all media created and I think it is a nonsensical discussion.”

In 2019 Akshay Kumar has some very diverse and interesting projects coming up. The actor will first be seen in ‘Kesari’, a historical movie based on the events of Battle of Saragarhi. He also has movies like ‘Mission Mangal’, ‘Housefull 4’ and ‘Good News’ releasing this year.