The big clash between Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Super 30’ and Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Mental Hai Kya’ has taken an ugly turn.

The day Ekta Kapoor broke the news that the Kangana’s ‘Mental Hai Kya’ will release on the same day as Hrithik’s ‘Mental Hai Kya’, the Twitter went crazy with speculations that Kangana was the release the movie’s release was pushed to June 26th. 

But later Ekta Kapoor took to Twitter to clarify that it is her decision and not Kangana’s. She also  urged fans to not resort to any ugliness. 

“The ugly underground tweets have begun. I‘ve promised to keep it clean and have assurances from my actors on the same. I hope personal assaults on them stop, because it’s my decision & Not theirs,” tweeted Ekta Kapoor. 

But without heeding Ekta’s words, Kangana’s sister Rangoli Chandel launched vicious attack on Hrithik Roshan.

“What to expect from a man who always prefers to attack your back rather then meeting you in the battle field, jitna tu aur tera PR Kangana ko giraega utna he woh teri maregi (The more you and your PR tries to undermine Kangana, the harder she’ll strike back).... so far it wasn’t her concern magar ab tu dekh (wait and watch)... Jadoo,” Rangoli tweeted. 

She continued, “Tu apne chillar PR se tweet karvata reh, woh ek interview degi.... tere charon khane chit.. (you keep relying on your cheap PR tricks, all it’ll take for you to be knocked out is one interview by Kangana).” Tagging Hrithik in a tweet, she wrote, Balaji kya Kangana Ranaut ka production house hai jo woh jab chahe film release kare... lekin pappu toh pappu hota hai... common sense hai he nahin.... ab tu dekh beta, tera kya haal hoga (Balaji isn’t Kangana’s production house. She has no say in when their films are released. But you shall always remain stupid. You have no common sense. But wait and watch what happens to you.)”

Rangoli said that Kangana had advised Ekta to not release Mental Hai Kya on the same day as Hrithik’s Super 30, but Ekta didn’t agree. “Just because he cant say anything to Ekta he will make Kangana a punching bag, Well!! U r mistaken..” Naming Hrithik’s PR manager in the tweet, she warned the actor that if any further attacks were to be made on her sister, “woh teri sari charbi nikal degi woh bhi ek chutki mein..sudhar ja @iHrithik (Kangana will remove all the extra fat you have in a snap).”

‘Mental Hai Kya’ was originally slated for a June 21 release, when it would have clashed against Shahid Kapoor’s ‘Kabir Singh’. Interestingly, Kangana had earlier set her ‘Manikarnika’ against ‘Super 30’ on January 26, but the Hrithik-starrer was delayed after director Vikas Bahl was named in the #MeToo movement.

‘Mental Hai Kya’ is directed by Prakash Kovelamudi and also stars Rajkummar Rao. 

On the other hand, Hrithik Roshan's Super 30 is based on the life of a mathematician Anand Kumar, who coached students from the backward sections of society to crack the elite IITs.