Actor Shah Rukh Khan, who is currently taking a break from acting, is returning to small screen with Ted Talks India. 

The new upcoming season is titled 'Ted Talks India: Nayi Baat' and will feature 26 speakers from different walks of life. They will shed light on ideas describing how to tackle major issues confronting India like healthcare, environmental awareness and sexual abuse, among others, confirmed The Hollywood Reporter.

During the press meet, the host SRK shared how hosting this show has actually made him self aware and humbled. 

"Our day-to-day life is very self-obsessed. It revolves around beauty, fame, glamour. So sometimes you do forget as you're so involved in the work you do. But I must tell you that when the team comes and talk to me or when they prepare the speakers, they're so much compassionate and supportive of them. So this show actually makes me aware of reality, real emotions, and keeps me grounded," said Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan is very inspired by them as he said mostly, the speakers are underprivileged, and they are willing to make the world a better place. Khan further said the show has changed him. 

"There were so many speakers that I was impressed by. And also, I get an opportunity to peep into the minds and hearts of innovators. So when Juliet (Blake, Head of TV at Ted) narrates me their stories, I not only listen, but I also absorb it. The show has changed me as a person," Khan said.

After ‘Zero’, Shah Rukh hasn't signed any new film. When he was asked about it at the event, the superstar replied, "Actually, I spoke to Sanjay (Gupta), Gaurav (Banerjee) and Uday (Shankar; chairman of Star and Disney India, and president of The Walt Disney Company, Asia Pacific) and I said, this is the platform where I want to announce it. This is it. I will come here and tell everyone about. Ted Talk will be my new movie."

"Jokes apart, I am thinking and taking some time. I am working on two or three scripts and, Inshallah, as soon as they are ready, I am ready. Because most of the people with whom I am working are busy so, Inshallah, I will announce it myself. I feel till the time rumours are floating around, it’s good because some of them have given me ideas," he added.

"There was one film people said that I am going to do -- ‘Tarzan and Jane’. So, I really want to do the role of Tarzan (laughs), But no. I think, Inshallah, in another month or two, I will figure out everything," he concluded.